Our Cause

Our mission is to help foster girls who are aging out of the system and were not adopted.Odds are 53% of them end up in prostitution and drugs. We have developed a program to help these girls achieve the skills necesary to SUCCEED! We now need the Rise Volunteers to be able to help these girls graduate from our program and find their paths in life. A Rise Host Family is the first step towards our mission! VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Empower Foster Girls

Self worth is the key to success. With a team surrounding them, a job, and a safe place to live they will have the confidence that they can do hard things. Instilling in them that they can also accomplish anything they set their minds to is vital in our program. All of our volunteers and trainers have overcome hard things and have learned how to RISE UP!

After entering our program, the first step is to get a job. A job is more than a paycheck but it is a sense of accomplishment, pride and something to be a part of. The girls will attend a weekly Rise Night where volunteers teach important skills. They will learn the tools and confidence to succeed.

Prevent Human Trafficking

Did you know that aged out foster girls are huge targets for Human Trafficking? They don't have the support network of people around them who call to check up on them. If they dissappear, who is going to report it? They also have often not felt the love from a father figure and not been shown what healthy relationships and love are like. This makes them vulnerable and easy to manipulate. Rise Room's mission is to Empower foster girls to be able to survive on their own and not fall prey to these bad people trying to prey on them for profit. Our program sets them up to succeed by building a team around each of these girls of people who care about them, know them and check up on them. This team is who they will call on when they feel down, alone, confused or just have a question.

Skills Training

Each week the girls will attend a Rise Night. At this training they will be taught by volunteers who are sharing a skill but also part of their own stories. We want the girls to hear their stories so they will know of many of the troubled times they may find ahead of them in life. This will give them strength and some wisdon as to how they can get through it. Also these volunteers will be part of the girls team so if they need to reach out to them for support they will now have someone to rely on.
We will also have an activity for them to participate in each weekend. This will be things like, hiking, service, yoga, museums, movies, sports, nature, fashion shows and much more. This will encourage the girls to develop strong bonds with other women while they are growing in the 6 areas of our program.

Family Belonging

The most important part of the Rise Room Program will be the volunteer host families. We will match an applicant with a carefully vetted host family. She will live with this family while going through the Rise program. The host family will be instrumental in teaching life skills and helping her with the many day to day needs of life like shopping, cleaning, budgeting, transportation, paying bills, and much more. While living together, our hope is that they develop a bond of strength and belonging. Everyone needs to have a place of belonging.

We are always looking for great people willing to help empower a young woman to RISE UP! If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, please get in touch with us!


It is hard to imagine being left alone at the age of adulthood after not having many opportunities to prepare for this huge event in their life. As a result, here are some of the statistcs for young women who age out of foster care without being adopted:

  • 53% are involved in prostitution and drugs
  • 7 out of 10 are pregnant by age 21
  • 20% are homeless as they age out
  • Less than 3% will earn a college degree
  • 22% battle with PTSD, 5 times the normal

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