Pitfall Prevention

Rise Room empowers youth to overcome the many pitfalls of society. Prevention is the key to help them succeed as they are building their own lives.

Human Trafficking

As Foster Girls age out they are a perfect target to be groomed for Human Trafficking. Good relationships and self worth are prime tools to protect them.

Drug Abuse

53% of aged out foster girls end up in Prostitution and Drugs. Many of them enter the lives they saw their parents live.


Within three years of leaving foster care, 75% of young mothers were at or below poverty level.


On average, aged out foster kids earn only 15% as much as other youth of the same age.


20% of youth are immediately homeless after aging out. Many end up on the streets on their 18th birthdays.


34% of youth in Utah have at least one felony or misdemeanor arrest in the first year of aging out.
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